Preference Recoveries

National Creditor Recovery Services Offers Efficiency in Preference Recoveries

We at NCRS understand that Panel Trustees demand efficiency in the work done in their cases. This is why we would like to introduce you to our financial services for pursuing avoidance actions. We have developed our methodology and software over a ten year period, beginning with a one-of-a-kind statistical based analysis approach and automating that methodology to make available user friendly tools and exhibits for optimizing recoveries while minimizing effort. So, whether you are leading the preference actions or want NCRS to work with another law firm on contingency, we would be pleased to be at your service. The following presents some of the advantages of using our services:

  • NCRS Preference RecoveriesWe provide a folder, including fourteen exhibits, fully describing the preference action for each creditor.
  • We provide a management report showing a summary of the results for each creditor, allowing the user to prioritize according to the potential for recovery.
  • A computer does the work in producing the exhibits. We have eliminated the need for labor intensive, one at a time spreadsheet analyses that others do.
  • Negotiations are simplified by exhibits displaying the potential avoidance at increasingly stringent levels of ordinary course interpretation.
  • Custom analyses can be run to evaluate counter offers received from creditors.
  • Our system is fast. Hundreds of analyses can be processed in just a few days once the data is received in the proper format.
  • Alternate calculations are available to accommodate different interpretations of the rules governing which invoices can be used as new value (i.e., open versus all invoices) and the use of invoices marked as administratively paid under 503(b)(9).

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