Bankruptcy Claims Management

National Creditor Recovery Services Offers Efficiency in Bankruptcy Claims Management

We at National Creditor Recovery Services understand that Panel Trustees demand efficiency in the work done in their cases. This is why we would like to introduce you to our claims’ management software and services. We have developed our software over a ten year period, beginning with a simple database and enhancing it into a menu driven, user friendly, multifunctional program. The following presents some of the advantages of using our claims’ software and services:

  • NCRS SoftwareYou will have complete security because the program will reside on your computer.
  • We will load up your claims’ data to get you started.
  • There are several management reports to show the status of the claims and what additional work is needed.
  • The system will display original claim amounts and interim and final amounts The status levels of Original, Estimated, Objection level, and Ordered are automatically assigned.
  • Objections are recorded in the system to allow you to create comprehensive objection exhibits.
  • Contact records linked to claim numbers can be recorded to compile a running record of claim negotiations.
  • Scheduled claims can be superceded by filed claims, thus eliminating the scheduled claims but still keeping a chain of records.
  • Distributions reports and spreadsheets can be easily generated.
  • A chain of claim ownership can be recorded to accommodate the sale of claims.
  • Many more functions are available to the user to contribute to efficiency and accuracy of claims’ management.

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