Bankruptcy Administrative Specialties

NCRS Bankruptcy Administrative SpecialtiesEfficiency is in the DNA of NCRS. In all of our efforts we have endeavored to find a better and more efficient way to process bankruptcy work. While efficiency might not be a focal point of other practitioners in bankruptcy administration, we believe that regardless of the line of work, if a company provides a better product at a lower price, that company will ultimately be successful. In addition to offering cost effective preference services, we provide the following additional services using NCRS software.

Preparation of the Statement of Financial Affairs
and the Bankruptcy Schedules

NCRS uses a database program developed in house that is highly automated with respect to data entry and the internal calculation of the exhibits. The program is written in Microsoft Access and is primarily menu driven. Anyone familiar with spreadsheets can use the program. Also, because of Access’ features, the program can be easily modified for special purposes. This program is especially effective when there are numerous debtors.

NCRS - Bankruptcy Claims Management and ReconciliationBankruptcy Claims Management and Reconciliation

  • NCRS uses a database program developed in house that has proven to be efficient, accurate, and effective in taking claims from input, through negotiations, to distribution.
  • The program is menu driven and can be utilized in full by anyone familiar with spreadsheet work and menu driven forms.
  • The software allows the recording of all activities including the details of telephone conversations, address changes, ownership changes, modifications in claim amounts and types.
  • Management reports can be generated showing the global status of the claims as well as detail reports of claim settlements and exception reports.
  • Finally, distribution reports can be generated to allow the export of claim payments. This export can be input into accounting software such as QuickBooks.