Liquidation of Industrial Real Property

NCRS Liquidation of Industrial PropertyNCRS is uniquely qualified to handle the intricacies of managing and selling Shuttered and Operating Industrial Real Property.

NCRS Experience

  • NCRS personnel have worked in liquidating industrial facilities both in and out of bankruptcy.
  • Industrial land sales were managed for Durango Georgia Paper Company, Wickes Lumber, Spinnaker Coatings, Anchor Glass Container, Recoton, and Astro Power.

Holding and Maintaining Properties Before Sale

  • If a facility is in operation, it is essential that oversight is provided to assure that operating standards are maintained. NCRS’s personnel have the necessary manufacturing operating experience to handle this task.
  • If a facility is shuttered, it is critical to assess its status. In hasty shut downs, manufacturing facilities are frequently left in an unsecured condition and vulnerable to the elements. NCRS has experience in supervising secured facility shut downs. There are numerous environmental requirements for shuttered facilities. NCRS has experience in promoting compliance.
NCRS Liquidation of Assets

Preparation for Sale of Industrial Property

  • Facilities vary in their need for intervention and decommissioning in preparation for a sale. If nothing is done, sale prices will be lowered substantially due to the buyer’s increased risk.

Property Sale

  • NCRS has worked independently in finding buyers and has worked with local and national firms to optimize recoveries.
  • NCRS has organized and managed large auctions of properties.
  • NCRS has structured purchase agreements for the sale of industrial property, identifying critical elements with regard to the performance of the buyer and the seller.