Bankruptcy Preference Financial Analysis and Defense Work

NCRS - Bankruptcy Preference Financial Analysis and Defense WorkNCRS has analyzed and been involved in the negotiation of over one thousand settlements. With this background NCRS offers diverse services related to preferences.

Preference Mitigation Training for Corporation

  • The best preference defense is a good offense. Addressing the threat of preferences only after a complaint is received can be too late to preserve company cash. There are a host of measures that can be taken to reduce or eliminate future preferences. NCRS offers training on the implementation of a preference offense program.

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See the article published by Michael Newsom, Fighting Back Against Bankruptcy.

Preference Defense Work

  • The basis for a favorable preference settlement is to have a financial analysis that can support the thesis of the settlement. Even in large preference actions some defendants have the impression that a financial analysis will be too costly and it would be better to just bite the bullet and put out some cash. True to the roots of NCRS, we have developed methodology and software to perform what would otherwise be time consuming analyses. This methodology has been utilized in over one thousand analyses. It has proven effective in the defense of many individual preferences, and it has been presented at an American Bankruptcy Institute conference.

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