Bankruptcy Preference Contingency Work

NCRS Bankruptcy Preference Contingency WorkMichael Newsom has worked on several cases of preference work for which the attorneys pursuing the actions have been paid on a contingency basis. NCRS can work on an hourly basis or on a contingency basis.

The key for attorneys to profit under these terms is efficiency and efficiency is driven by the attorneys being given information to let them have an understanding of the potential for recovery of each preference action before negotiations begin.

NCRS will use its proprietary software to produce analyses and accompanying exhibits. The software can analyze hundreds of preferences in the time that a spreadsheet expert might do a dozen analyses. Not only are analysis exhibits created and stored for each action, but a report will be generated showing an assessment of opportunity for each of preference actions. See the NCRS Preference Program Efficiency video showing the workings of the software.

NCRS can give you the case support that you need to maximize recovery and minimize process time. Call us at (813) 286-2718 to find out more.